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Who we are

座落於頂級經典的文華東方酒店內,曜畫廊 Gallery de sol 定位在強調藝術史研究的學術性藝廊。畫廊經營走向以介紹多樣化的國際藝術作品為主,並致力於國際大師原創版畫的推廣。另一方面,將台灣優秀藝術家帶向國際舞台、為每檔展覽安排相關學術性講座亦為畫廊重要方針。曜畫廊擁有美術館規格的展示、燈光、溫濕度控制等配備;在優雅簡潔的空間中,可隨軌道移動的展牆,提供了展場豐富的變化性,創造出足以展示各類型國際藝術的多功能商業空間,也昭示其對於藝術作品的尊重與完美展示效果的追求。

Gallery de sol is proud to present fine international and Taiwanese art. We conduct and organize 4-6 exhibitions annually. Gallery de sol aims to be aplace of experience and inspiration, through our exquisite collections and exhibitions.
Gallery de sol also provides comprehensive artconsulting services to private and corporate collectors. The services are tailored to meet your specific needs and aesthetic interests.​