Abundance: Celebration for the Year of the Rat


「鼠來寶」展出東西方名家大師以「鼠」為創作主題的作品,其中包括安迪・沃荷(Andy Warhol)的米老鼠、凱斯・哈林(Keith Haring)的安迪鼠、班克斯(Banksy)各式鼠形象的噴畫、齊白石的自稱鼠等等······。除此之外,此展也可視為曜畫廊在2019年「王冠、英雄與街頭:尚・米榭・巴斯奇亞台灣個展」之後,持續深入探討美國普普藝術及塗鴉藝術的前哨站。於「鼠來寶」展覽中展出的凱斯・哈林及班克斯,亦為曜畫廊預定將在2020年帶給台灣觀眾的兩個重要展覽。


Gallery de Sol will mark its second year in 2020, the Year of the Rat, a year governed by the corresponding elements of metal and water.  This combination indicates that 2020 will be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year. Gallery de Sol wishes to share the jubilant mood and happiness by proudly presenting its first exhibition " Abundance: Celebration for the Year of the Rat" in 2020. The theme of the exhibition will be focused on the ”Rat and Mouse”. Gallery de Sol is determined to bring vigorousness and vitality into Taiwan’s art world. In the coming year the gallery plans to host more high-quality exhibitions and engaging lectures.

" Abundance: Celebration for the Year of the Rat" will exhibit works of famous masters from the East and West with the theme of “Rat", including Mickey Mouse by Andy Warhol, Andy Mouse by Keith Haring, Banksy spray paintings of various rat images, and Qi Baishi's mice, to name a few. 

Gallery de Sol continues to delve into American pop art and graffiti art, and this exhibition can be regarded as a prelude to an exciting 2020. Following the 2019 "Crowns, Heroes and Streets: Jean-Michel Basquiat Taiwan Solo Exhibition", Gallery de Sol will hold the exhibitions of Keith Haring and Banksy later in 2020.